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Everybody now talks about women liberation; I talk about it so much because I am one woman who knows what it means to be bound as well as free. I am liberated and that’s why I confidently speak about women being liberated. But where I am different is that my belief is based on God’s undiluted word as stated in the Bible that I read. I am not ready to accept yours if it’s not in accordance with the word of God. I won’t buy into the views of devilish women who don’t even believe there is God. I won’t agree with women who are sent and commissioned by their master, the devil, to lure as many women as they can to hell.
Ladies are on social media making a lot of noise, deceiving and being deceived. How on earth would you listen to a woman who tells you that your husband has no right to tell you what to do and what not to do? What makes you think you are right with those devilish beliefs of yours? The thrash you come vomiting on social media all in the name of feminism stinks! Even if you believe that your husband cares less about your actions, have you tried to really find out how much he hurts as a result of your actions? What would you say and how would you feel tomorrow if your daughter-in-law starts treating your son the same way you treat your husband? What would be your reaction if tomorrow your daughter-in-law writes the way you write on social media? Anyway, I know what you will do; folks like you turn out to be monsters-in-law to their son’s wife.
We keep complaining about men not being men in the home; are we really allowing them to be men? You are married, legally married, but you want to act and talk single all in the name of radical feminism. I keep saying it; radical feminism is anti-God, women should fight more for femininity and not feminism. Be more of a woman and help restore that lost feminine glory. How long are we going to continue in this battle of the sexes? How long are we going to destroy our world before we realize that there is everything wrong with this so called feminism? Radical feminists don’t get married and so my dear, you should t have bothered being married if you want to act single. There are many successful women who still believe in the man being the head of the home; why don’t you emulate them? I believe that many of our men are short of and far from being real men because they have wives who don’t think of helping them become the man God wants them to be.
Women, wake up and do it God’s way. There is trouble anytime you want to do it different from God’s style. Stop this competition with men! The end is disastrous! Build a generation of godliness and decency. Build a generation where women will be called blessed by men. Teach younger women to obey their husbands. Teach younger men to love their wives. Teach older women to be mothers and role models to younger women. Teach women to submit to their own husband and not see him as a rival that must be conquered. What are we fighting for? Isn’t it all for the good of the home? I was raised to know that mothers should build and endure, but it’s surprising to see that people are being misled to believe that they must fight and fight till everything is destroyed, strength is gone, and there is nothing else to fight for. My parents taught me that women should conquer on their knees but here is a generation of women who believe in action and fights more than prayers and love.
Is my generation a failed one? I feel sad, very sad and I weep when I see the number of women being misled by these agents of darkness. If you write all the negatives against men; if you specialize in misleading women and helping them to see men as rivals, what are you going to tell your daughters in future? What would be your words to your sons in future! What kind of children are you going to raise? You can only raise children who will help the devil in propagating his gospel of destruction.
I am grieved in my spirit, please change…but it’s possible you are one of those frustrated agents of darkness. Anytime you set out to do it outside God’s plan, you are bound to fail and ‘had I known’ will come at the end.
For those who care to listen; please don’t lose your femininity. As a woman, you have so much power and if you know how to use it, you will control your husband without uttering a word. Women are known to talk less.

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  1. Kc maria says:

    This is an eye opener.Thanks for rendering this thoughtful piece full of wisdom.

  2. Oge Eze says:

    Thanks for this piece. God bless you

  3. Stella says:

    I am a feminist; feminism to me isn’t dragging rights with men or putting them off as d head, No! It is more of emancipation, freedom from d age long exercise of power and oppression men exhibit over women. A woman needs “a room of her own”. It is high time all women stood up and say No to unnecessary and ill treatment meted against us by our male counterparts. So I do not totally agree with ur write-up.

  4. Glory says:

    Raising a winning woman in a Godly way. Keep it up!

  5. Nkay says:

    I wonder why u are being contradictory and complicating urself. Why didn’t u live forever with ur estranged husband for better for worse? He is the man, isn’t he? U should hv stayed back and leave ur body for punching and watch him bring women into ur matrimonial home and serve them as Help.

  6. Bobbie keeler says:

    Well spoken, Amari.

  7. Gyelle says:

    Great I love that all feminism movement Die by Fire!!!

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