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Recently, I wrote on mistakes women make in marriages. Today, by popular demand from women, I want us to look at those little mistakes which are often times ignored by men. Yes, men feel they are no issues, but these things are canker-worms, eating down thriving and promising relationships. Becoming a king A good number [...]

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Foreplay first

Sex can be magical. It expresses something that nothing else can, and it is the primary way of showing love among couples. It has a place in our lives that is as much as or more important than any other aspect of our relationships, be they long or short term. Beyond recreation and procreation, sex [...]

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Bring out the best in your wife

From what I have gathered so far in my course of counseling, I can authoritatively say that some men are mean and heartless. Why marry a woman just to destroy her life and future? That woman was working before you met her. She was running her own business before you met her. She had that [...]

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