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Where are your Children? By Mike Ikem Umealo

This ominous question, soberly intoned may just about sound scary, but the intent of the question is very serious. The time has come for Nigeria to hear the truth about this issue which I will term as “proceeds of corruption”. The truth may be had to come by because most people are deceived about themselves [...]

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Nigeria, from criminality to sainthood

I love this my country Nigeria. Nigeria, apart from being a country with hundreds of ethnic groups, it is one country where the citizens have everything good just like America and Europe. We have model schools with the best facilities. We have the best hospitals and rail transport systems. Our roads are world class just [...]

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Followership in the Nigeria Society

“Once the habit of standing by and doing nothing is developed, it is difficult to break. Better, then, to get engaged early on. To withdraw is to cede to those who have more power, authority, and influence than do we the right to decide. Sometimes we’re lucky: our leaders are good. But sometimes we’re not [...]

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