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Religion; For good or bad?

Religion, religion, religion. Religion has it’s own unique way of turning even an educated man to a fool. Recently, a South African Pastor, Lesego Daniel, founder and senior pastor of Rabboni Centre Ministries in Pretoria, commanded members of his church to eat grass (like goats and cows) at his church’s premises. And the mumus did [...]

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The Havoc Created by Churches in Nigeria

Aside the fact that some parents have failed to raise children with moral values, I feel that one of the problems of Nigeria is this whole “get rich quick ” preachings by prosperity pastors. When a preacher gets his members to believe that they can just sit at home doing nothing or leave their job [...]

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Religious without knowing God

If you are one of those who fight and curse people when anything bad is said about the church you attend; if you still find yourself hating people just because they are not members of your church; if you stopped talking to that sister or brother just because she/he left your ministry; if at any [...]

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