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First Class Single Lady

I know the first thing that comes to your mind whenever people talk about first class is perfection and high class. You are not far from it if you believe she wants to talk about class. I am talking about class, first class, but from a different view. Please come along with me as we [...]

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Ready for a date?

Having a social date? The best and courteous thing is to ask your date for his/her choice of a restaurant. If he/she is not familiar with such places, help in the choice but make sure it’s what he/she likes; this is civility. Brushing your mouth before rushing out for that dinner date is the acceptable [...]

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Be the woman; let him be the man

First I must admit that the lowered standards of many women desperately in search of a mate have certainly contributed to men not rising to the full status of doing their “man thing”. When you see that man falling down on the job, it’s time to do a proper check because it’s either you are [...]

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