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Become a woman

Everybody now talks about women liberation; I talk about it so much because I am one woman who knows what it means to be bound as well as free. I am liberated and that’s why I confidently speak about women being liberated. But where I am different is that my belief is based on God’s [...]

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To my fellow ladies

I know the clock is ticking; I know your mother gets excited whenever she sees a man in your house; I know she even goes out of her way to ask what they have going with you. But you shouldn’t let these things bother you. I know it’s only human to be worried about not [...]

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“Our Body” not “My Body”

Listening to my favourite station, 92.3 Inspiration FM, a woman called asking why her husband should be demanding sex when he has failed in his duty as a husband-providing for the home. I was lost at first as I wondered why a woman would reason that way. But it didn’t take long for me to [...]

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