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Can he be stolen?

“If some other woman ever steals your man, there’s no better revenge than letting her have him, because real men can’t be stolen.” This is a very popular quote among women, old and young. I see many buy completely into this very mindset. I know that some men can be stolen by anything. I know [...]

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He is, because you are

Recently, I spent time thinking about our relationships and the way things are happening. We now have women all over the place complaining about the inability of the men to run things in the home. Men are losing the zeal to be men and make things better for their family. Even when they can afford [...]

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Mistakes women make in marriage

C’mon girls, let’s look at those terrible mistakes we often make in marriages: Insecurity Some women are so insecure; they threaten other women especially the ones they see talking to their husbands. They put all their effort into that instead of focusing on the energy that will keep their marriage strong. If women could learn [...]

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