As usual, my last week’s article attracted lots of attacks and criticism from different Quarters- fanatics and guilty pastors. But I am happy for one thing, those who are real to themselves appreciated me for speaking out. Anyway, the scriptures we read makes it clear to us that the truth we know shall set us free. My writings are not for destruction but for the building up of saints and restoration of lost values. I know it can be painful and bitter at times, but we all know that change is always painful. Read the short write-up below from a beloved brother and friend, Pastor Ogochukwu Nweke


A lot of people have written about a certain Pastor Lesego (if he is a pastor) from SA, who was able to convince his congregation to eat grass… the same people who at some point must have watched him and called him a “powerful man of God” because he was performing miracles and planned to travel miles unending for his crusades and healing programmes. I read with great chagrin the things that he has been called and how church folk say “how can the people not know the word?” and yadi yari yaaa… (meaning etc).
Hypocrites! Remove the log in your eye before you remove the speck in your brother’s eye… Some of us wear bands blessed by our pastors for protection. Some of us believe that when they wear the certain “holy apparels” and die in whatever circumstance, they will go to heaven. A popular pastor once preached and referred to the anointing oil as the Holy Spirit in a bottle. His members drink anointing oil, bathe with it, and rub it on their lips (and foreheads) before they go for contracts believing it will bring them favour… Oh, may I add that they believe it will attract their “life-partners” to them.
We have had “change your smell” crusades where people pay outrageous amounts of money in the name of offering for a perfume spray (not the perfume o! But the spray, as in, cha cha…) People have paid millions for pap (akamu, ogi). Pastors have poured salt at their church-gates to repel demons. Members fry their hair and wear suits they can’t afford so they can look like their pastors in the name of impartation (copycats), as though God didn’t make them original. Church leaders give their unemployed and young graduate group overseers targets for offering and membership, like evangelism is now marketing… And you in your small church, doing anointing service, handkerchief service, shoe sole service, phone call service. You put people’s names in oil bottles for whatever reason and you write your expectations for 2014 and bury them in a bowl filled with “holy water or holy oil” and keep it on a table you call family altar… Witchcraft begets witchcraft! These are all witchcraft meted out on people who have refused to look into the perfect law of liberty.
If one was allowed to explain why he said masturbation is not a sin, and the other was allowed to explain why he said that all Catholics will go to hell… If TB Joshua has been given a chance to discuss his antecedents to the points that so called “big men of God” are validating him, then pray ye, give Lesego a chance to explain himself, if he has an explanation…
O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? I have a lot to say… O God, I have a lot to say. We need Revival in the land”

Friends, like Pastor Nweke wrote, we truly need revival in the land. We now live in a generation and a country where pastors come up with all kinds of titles and program themes just to lure their gullible followers. They now dress in military uniforms and come up with all sorts. They ask people to drop a certain amount of money all in the name of “I must marry”. We now have rascals who do nothing but bring shame to the name of Christ. The worst part of it is that just like Rev. King, they have put so much fear in their followers that they no longer fear God; they fear their pastor. Even the educated are falling for these rascals. Some of them change their names after committing all sorts of crime. Wondering why we have names like “Waterman and Stoneman”?
Hear me, what is being preached by so many pastors is not the gospel of Christ. Littering the streets with rags and causing chaos all in the name of worshiping God isn’t godly. Fixing your loudspeaker and directing it to a residential estate isn’t godly. Disturbing people who are trying to get done rest in their homes isn’t part of the deal. Don’t call Governor Fashola anti-church because he is not; he is only trying to do what a good leader does.
Recently, a particular church wanted to tempt their God by bragging to people that they were going to raise a dead man who was already buried. At the end of the day, after days of bragging and praying from morning till night, nothing happened. The police took them away-”Oh foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?” Why do you set out to tempt The Lord your God?
These days you have six churches in a building; all mushroom. Don’t you think you are driven by pride of life? Why can’t you humbly serve one another? What is the reason for your opening a church? Just because your wife wants to answer mummy and you have to do it your own way. God is not pleased because we Christians are crucifying Jesus Christ a second time!
Pastors have succeeded in taking people’s faith away from the blood of Jesus and making them have faith in things, images, crafted for their own pockets. I recently heard how some members pay at least five thousand Naira for their pastor’s picture. They now make so much money from olive oil. I heard one pastor telling his congregation that if they use the regular Goya olive oil, their miracles won’t come. This very man who has a share in a business, brought his own olive oil and sells for three thousand Naira. What a way to deal with senseless and gullible folks who don’t know where they stand in Christ.
Fellow Nigerians, liberate yourselves. Jesus has set you free. Stop putting yourself back into the yokes of these fraudulent guys. Go back to your bible and start practicing the Christianity of the early church. And for you guilty folks, there is no point sending those messages because I am not moved one meet; I am on a mission to rescue God’s people from your devilish hold. The only thing you have to do to help yourself is to become real!

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  1. osy says:

    true talk u r on point

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