Holy Water; Holy Perfume

Holy water, Holy perfume, Anointed handkerchief, Anointed staff…, when will my people wake up from their dream? The devil is having a field day in the church and our society all in the name of religion. The gospel of Christ have been bastardized by wolves in sheep’s clothing.
How can someone, a fellow human being, after preaching and doing all the acrobatics, ask me, daughter of Zion, to come and touch her wet handkerchief and drop money to get blessed? I watched as people foolishly went to drop money and touch the handkerchief. She started from ten thousand Naira to two hundred Naira. I was the only person who did not get up. Is she Jesus? Such a dirty and unhygienic lifestyle. My people perish for lack of knowledge of the word of God.
Another one somewhere in the northern part of the country uses perfumes for his own manipulations. He has grades and the amount you drop determines the very one he sprays on you. Their partner in crime somewhere around Ogba anoints computers for “yahoo boys”. Some of the, now sell their pictures and ask you to simply place it in your car or home; blind Christians. The one around Ajah washes his feet in a bowl of water and sell same to you; don’t you think something is wrong with you?
Now, my people have been brainwashed into denying their father’s name and taking up the name of a man whose lineage they can’t even trace. Some now answer the name of their church. Some have even gone the extent of telling their members that they won’t make heaven because of their surname. What a shame! You are not in talking terms with the other person because he left your church to another and you think that will take you to heaven; you are still very far from making heaven.
They have succeeded in making you wear rags along the streets; this is not the gospel of Christ. How many times have you seen your senior pastor, his wife, or children wear those rags you have in your car? Don’t you think there is something wrong somewhere? Instead of you advertising Jesus Christ your Lord, you are more interested in advertising your church, pastor, and his wife. You do all these but you are the worst neighbour and friend; there is nothing called love in your dictionary. Stop advertising church and start bearing fruits unto repentance. We are a people blinded by religion.
When it was Rev. King’s time, I remember having his followers beat people up whenever they tried to say anything negative against their “Holiness”. One of my clients even changed her name from Ijeoma Ezeh(not real name) to Ijeoma King. The very day Rev. King flogged her husband in church, we were all against it as we worked out together in the gym. But to our surprise, she saw nothing wrong with that.
Have you asked yourself why that your miracle pastor dropped his original name and decided to take up a name that cannot be traced by anyone? Are Signman and Miracleman the names given to them by their fathers? How can you follow blindly, a man whose lineage you cannot trace? Even Jesus, the son of God came and people knew His earthly father and mother; they knew where He came from.
You now pay as much as five thousand Naira to buy their picture and keep in your car and house. Why can’t you use your phone to take their picture since they are now your Jesus? You create so much chaos every Sunday and midweek because you are running from pillar to post looking for Jesus who is forever with you. Jesus Himself knew that it would come to this and He warned us ahead of time and told us in Matthew 24:23-25.
Your itching ears will not let you settle down in a church all in the name of miracle seeking. The Bible that I study tells me that the truth I know shall set me free and not the miracle worker that I discover. It also says that when your way pleases The Lord, He will make your enemies to be at peace with you. Concentrate more on pleasing God and living a good life. If your enemies refuse to be at peace with you, leave them for God and be good to them whenever you can. Stop all the “let my enemy fall down and die” prayers; they are not biblical. Jesus enjoins us to feed our enemies and bless them.
Why should that enemy die? What if God is going to use him tomorrow? And don’t you think that someone somewhere sees you as an enemy and if we all should be falling and dying no one lives? Also note that the enemy you should be praying against is the devil using that individual. Mind you; you cannot kill the devil until the day when he will be judged and thrown into the bottomless pit.
When are people going to stop chasing shadows and start studying their Bibles? When are your eyes going to be opened to know that most of these miracles are “take one problem away from me and give me ten in return”?
Nigeria, Africa is really a fertile ground for them; business is thriving. Sadly, the government is afraid as they have been deceived by the wrongly used and abused Bible verse, “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”.
People, go back to the word of God and discover God yourself.

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  1. George says:

    Well said. I pray people,especially Nigerian so called Christians open up their eyes to understand Gods Word.

  2. Cyndi says:

    Same thing that have been bothering me. Before now we usually hear ‘God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’ but these days people now change it to god of their pastors, gush! you hear them say god of (King….) Will visit me soon, will save me, will set me free, will do this will do that. Just wondering the kind of god their pastor worship aside the living God.

    • Bimzeem says:

      @ Cyndi, you’re not alone in that reasoning. I hear “god of pastor…..” and I wonder what level of ignorance and carelessness these people swim in, knowing too well that 95% of these “pastors” are not called and most of them perform these “wonders” through diabolic means. See how many of them have been caught with charms recently.
      I stand on my old biblical phrase, “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. I don’t know what the others worship. But at least the bible confirms these old prophets’. The pastors brainwash them, that those biblical people are outdated, they should look at the people before them.

      Many Pentecostal members will refute this……bring it on.

  3. peter says:

    d different between d cinema and some Naija Church is DAT in d cinema, u pay a gate fee b4 u enter but in some Naija churches they let u in b4 collecting 4rm u.my Naija guy nawao make una open una eyes na

  4. Gyelle says:

    Finaly somebody is discerning the truth, You’re a REAL woman of God!!!I thank God for you may you continue to be a blessing to the body of Chrit!!!

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