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I first met Amara in her SPA in Omole Estate, a suburb of Lagos. Whenever I was able to snatch some time to discuss with her or she had time to take me through the gym regime I was always fascinated by her thoughts on grooming whether for men or women I was so taken by her ideas and opinion on issues of grooming that one day I was compelled to suggest to her the idea of doing a column in our breezy afternoon newspaper PM NEWS.

When she turned in her first manuscript after several persuasions, I knew immediately that she has a hidden talent. Close to three years on, Amara has written for PM NEWS to the admiration of many of our readers. Soon after he started writing Women’s Grooming, men too started demanding for Men’s Grooming and Amara has been able to serve the two dishes to the satisfaction of the appetite of both our male and female readers. Today Amara’s column judging by the calls, text messages and the feedback from the internet has the honour of being the most popular column in the publication.

It was therefore not a surprise when she recently called to inform me that she wants to turn the column into a book and she requested of me a foreword since I knew how and when it all started. I have since, despite my tight schedule found time to go through the manuscript not just of the Men’s Grooming but its sister Women’s Grooming. I found the two books very interesting and easy to read. They are also quite instructive , particularly in our society where people give little or no attention to grooming and where even our leaders and public officials are not helping the populace by the way they conduct themselves both privately and publicly. Take the case, which is well reported in the book, of a governor who bleaches or the president who picks his teeth with his fingers at public dinners or who was caught on camera picking his nose.

Amara’s book is a delight to read and also remarkable for the courage she brings to the choice and treatment of her topic. A Christian of the Pentecostal persuasion she is never shy or inhibited to expose and condemn the shenanigans that go on in those churches. She even sometimes brings her own personal and family experiences to illustrate some of her subjects. Her treatment of lesbianism and homosexuals is quite frontal and unsympathetic and unsympathetic in these books. This has brought both praise and condemnation from her readers but she is characteristically unrepentant. Amara’s grooming books will serve the needs of both the young and the old and anyone who takes time off to go through them.

Babafemi Ojudu

Federal Republic of Nigeria


Amarachukwu, u sure are a Blessing not only to the Nwosu’s but to mankind. I am impressed with ur profile, i am also happy to know that u arrived a week after me – i arrived on January 10 and u followed a week latter on January 17. i love ur writings which means u have BRAIN, i also will not pretend not to have notice, u look as ‘handsome’ as me, that’s your BEAUTY and lastly your outspokenness; u are BOLD. you are BBB -Brainy, beauty & Bold – Dr. Raphael James

I read every of ur articles on entertainment Express magazine. It has really helped me. – Edemenya Ndidi Francesca


Amara,just tell you the truth of what I feel; Which is you are really doing a good job here,a lot of people are get their lives back in shape EVEN ME I was not use to reading but ur article made me start reading, most of these articles I print them read at my free time,the one have in mind is that of Mohammed Ali and his daughters, I have one daughter and I adore her a lot, AMARA PLEASE PLEASE DON’T STOP CONTINUE AND THE GOOD LORD WILL BE WITH YOU IN EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE,I have two FB account, one is not too good but your article made me change it to the better and some people are been transformed from your article I copy and repost there please my sister keep it up.GOD Bless You.

I want to thank Amara for all of her awesome articles that I have had the pleasure to be a part of even here in the state of Texas. She has GOD…I so enjoy when I look on facebook and can see great articles that touch my life…thank you Amara and please keep writing…love you
-Vikki all the way from Texas, USA


I have know ABN for a while now, and the very first place I wld read her story was as if I was listening to her speaking physically, she talked about her life experience raw and undiluted, I read every word she wrote with tears in my eyes, very touching and emotional! Then I knew this this is an extra-strong woman destined for greatness, endowed specially. A sincere woman u can not cheat and go scotfree, yes I knew she is a sincere woman with the pains i felt deep within me when reading the article, yes! only few women can be that open with their personal lives. I learnt a great lesson that day and I was seriously challenged – there after I started telling my family and friends about ABN, am sure she is hearing this for the first time now, I told my mum about Amara, how wonderful she is, today everyone in my family, living and non-living know Amara very, very well without meeting her yet.
Her articles are always touching that, except you don’t read them, that is when yOu won’t be touched. And on exceptional cases, it you read her article and you are indifferent, or you criticise it, then you can’t ever be moved or touched by anyone again, “not even by God” cos God speaks through His servants, and I know Amara is a servant of the Most High God, that is the truth. I met my fiance because he reads Amara’s article and any time any day; he can not do without reading it, he ask me to copy from her fb pages walls to send to him.
One good thing that has happened to me in my life came from Amara, I bless the day I knew her.
-Doyin Bunmi